Door Gift for Every Ocassions


There is a new emerging trend which states that door gifts are a perfect way of receiving your guests. In this way you will be able to offer them something symbolic and classy, transforming a little gathering in something more. Door gifts don’t have to be too expensive, and their charm consists in simplicity.

The main reason people like to handle door gifts is because in this way they are able to create their own unique signature, paying attention to every little thing, being thus able to make a statement. This doesn’t mean that you will have to use door gifts every time a friend comes in visit. This would be too much, and the important events won’t be as special as they are meant to be. Mentioning important events may be a clue for you, as you are able to see that door gifts are actually used when you have a party, or an important event/gathering.

This little object may be the symbol of your event, and therefore each time they will look at it, they will remember you and the wonderful time spent at your place.

In order to understand better how this actually works, you can think about the following examples:

  • Annual dinner. Companies often held an annual dinner once a year and this is a perfect place to give out door gifts to employees as a gesture of appreciation to their effort and loyalty to the company.
  • Events. Exhibitors give out small and inexpensive gifts to visitors so that the brand recognition can be carried over even when the particular event ended.
  • Birthday parties. You celebrate your birthday once a year, and you can make a tradition by handling little totems of this important event from your life. You don’t have to overspend on these gifts, since usually they are quite affordable, and you can easily choose from a wide variety of gifts especially chosen for you. In this way your birthday will be memorable, and your friends will appreciate the gesture
  • Book Clubs. Do you have the book club meetings at your place? If the answer is yes, you can make this meetings more interesting, by offering each member something symbolic.
  • Baby shower. A baby is always a reason for happiness, and therefore, by throwing a baby shower for the mother to be, you can also hand over a few gifts for all the guests. It will be a thoughtful attention, and everyone will leave with a smile on the face. Such nice surprises will always make someone happy.
  • Weekly movie nights. Movie nights can become something epic if you create a special tradition. You can buy a few gifts that can relate with the movie. In this way you will be able to personalize this event, creating something totally different.
  • Pajamas party. Once in a while you can gather with your girls, talking about guys and many more interesting things. You can share secrets while drinking a glass of wine. You can loosen the mood by offering each one of your friends something symbolic, preferably something funny and out of the ordinary.

As you can see, it is really easy to choose some moments for these door gifts, and with a simple attention you will be able to make your friends happy, offering them a great time and some unique memories. This little object may be the symbol of your event, and therefore each time they will look at it, they will remember you and the wonderful time spent at your place.

For suggestion on door gifts of any occasions, feel free to contact us at and our team will be ready to recommend the perfect gift for you! 🙂

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