Top 10 Door Gift for Annual Dinner 2018


Yes we know, it is still December 2017 and still around 2 weeks away from the new year but it does not mean that we cannot forecast which door gift for annual dinner will be Malaysia’s hottest selling in 2018! Of course our prediction will not be the conclusive list as customer’s preference will always change according to trends but it can be a helpful guide for ideas for your annual dinner door gift in 2018.

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How do we come up with this list? Easy. We analyse the top gifts selected by our customers, top trending gifts from publicly available information and also new type of gifts that are being offered to customers.

Without further ado, these are our prediction Malaysia’s top 10 door gift for annual dinner 2018.

  1. 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 Charging Cable
Charging Cable Set

Why? – Everyone nowadays carry with them smartphones and what are the number one most important accessory to these smartphone users? You guess it right, of course charging cables! Charging cable would make the most suitable door gift for annual dinner as it will be useful to all as it can be used for Android phones as well as iPhones. In addition, the price is affordable as you can have it as cheap as less than RM10.




Selection available – 2 in 1 Charging Cable Set, 2 in 1 iPhone & Android Charging Cable with Keyring, 2 in 1 iPhone & Android Retractable Charging Cable, 3 in 1 Charging Cable with Type-C, 3 in 1 Multi-Charging Cable


  1. Suction Mug or Bottle
Suction Double Wall Cup (340ml) (2)

Why? – Drinkware has been the staple of gifts that are given to dinner goers at company’s annual dinner ever since the concept of annual dinner was created. Ok we might exaggerate a bit.  But you get the idea. It is the most common door gift given at annual dinner. What is better this staple gift then? Drinkware with suction at the bottom of course. Now your self-brewed caffe mocha will never spill on your office laptops again! However, be prepared, this drinkware goodness will cost you a bit but we promise it will be worth it!



Selection available – Suction Double Wall Cup (340ml), Suction Double Wall Bottle (330ml), Suction Mug (470ml), Thermal Suction Bottle (400ml)


  1. Executive Manicure Set

Why? – the idea of door gift is to give something that everyone will appreciate and remember the good times at company’s annual dinner. So the most basic requirement is, it has to be something that everyone can use. And this is why manicure set is such a suitable door gift for annual dinner as the product can be used by attendees of the annual dinner themselves or their family members.




Selection available – 12pcs Executive Manicure Set, 10pcs Executive Manicure Set



  1. Big Capacity Power Banks
Power Bank

Why? This might sound like our argument for number one gift on the list but it is absolutely true, everyone now carries smartphone with them and they cannot ‘survive’ without them (ok those who were born before Merdeka might be able to survive without smartphones). What better way to ensure survival of their smartphones other than power banks! The difference between power banks that you got in annual dinner 2014 and those that you will be getting in 2018 is the capacity is now bigger since bigger capacity power banks is getting cheaper. What might cost RM100 in 2014 might now only cost RM50!


Selection available – Li-Polymer Power Bank 10000mAh, Li Polymer Power Bank 10000mAh


  1. Inverted Umbrellas
Inverted Umbrella Malaysia

Ever try to get into your car when it rains heavily? You might as well not try to not get your car cushion wet, because it will still be absolutely get wet whatever you do. This is the magic of inverted umbrella, you no longer have make an effort because the umbrella will do the work for you. Similar to drinkware, umbrella has been the staple door gift for annual dinner ever since the concept of annual dinner was created. You can call it umbrella 2.0 because it is absolutely a revolution to the concept of umbrella as we know it and it will be one of the hottest annual dinner door gifts in 2018.


Selection available – Inverted Umbrella


Rounding up our top 10…


  1. Travel Organizer
Premium Travel Organizer Malaysia

Those travelling by flights a lot would really appreciate an organizer that would fit their flight tickets, passport and any important documents in one place.


Selection available – Premium Travel Organizer, Deluxe PU Leather Travel Organizer



7. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker Premium Gift

Bluetooth speaker used to be a very expensive gift to be given to attendees of annual dinner. Similar to power banks, the price has come down and now it is more affordable to be given to annual dinner attendees.


Selection available – Smart Box 2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker (3w), Bluetooth Speaker (3w)



  1. 3.0 USB Thumbdrive
3.0 USB Flash Drive 16GB

Thumbdrive or flash drive is one of the most popular gifts for companies that mainly employ office workers to make it easy for them to save their office works on the thumbdrive. USB 3.0 just means that it is now faster (subject to compatible computer or otherwise it would be just normal speed) to transfer files.


Selection available – TD2 3.0 USB Flash Drive 16GB, TD1 3.0 USB Flash Drive 16GB


  1. Travel Pillows
Memory Foam Neck Pillow Malaysia

You can expect your fellow office workers who would be the attendees of annual dinner would go for vacation at one time or another, so the inflatable pillow would be a perfect companion for long travel.


Selection available – Double Comfort Travel Pillow (Inflatable), Inflatable Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Neck Pillow



10. Microfibre Towel

Microfiber Towel Malaysia

Microfible tower is perfect to be kept at office, in car or at home as you might never know where you will spill your coffee, it might be next to your keyboard, while you are steering your car or your children might spill your coffee at home.

Selection available – Microfiber Sport Towel, Cooling Towel

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